Surgery Istanbul striving to meet newest and highest standards in Cosmetic and Medical Surgery has now an exclusive agreement with Liv Hospital Ulus. All our surgery is now carried out at this ultra state-of-the-art hospital, first of its kind in Istanbul.

The first in a brand new chain of ultra-modern hospitals opened in January 2013, the Liv Hospital Ulus is situated in the tranquil exclusive residential district of Ulus, set in lush gardens and parks overlooking the Bosphorus in the center of Istanbul. Liv takes its name from “Leading International Vision”, a distinctive concept in hospital design, treatment and care focusing on international patients.

As a custom-built structure with 30,000 square meters of closed space, this new-generation “smart” hospital incorporates the latest digital technology and green design concepts, evident from the flowing ergonomic patterns and soothing design of the entrance foyer inspired by the forms and healing capacities of the human body that is reflected throughout every detail of the hospital’s 163 patient beds, 48 polyclinics and consulting rooms, 8 operating theaters and 22 Intensive Care Unit beds.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

Why buy it?

The hospital’s focus on each individual patient as a VIP guest starts with a designated Recovery Specialist appointed by Beauty Zone, who shares the international patient’s native language and culture and guides the patient through the treatment and care process from beginning to end, including coordination with medical professionals in the patients’ home countries; Ipad’s and remote control units are used by both patients and medical professionals to guarantee a digitally integrated holistic treatment and care program encompassing the cultural, spiritual, culinary, entertainment, leisure and concierge requirements of patients and their accompanying family members, as well as ensuring the highest level of coordinated medical care from Surgery İstanbul & LİV’s team of internationally-trained and experienced physicians and specialists.

Surgery İstanbul runs the International Cosmetic Surgery department at Liv Hospital with truely exclusive affrodable fixed prices for this level of quality and and Internatioanlly recognised palstic surgeons.

Also with a focus on new treatments, Liv Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology Stem Cell Center.

Hospital Specifications:
163 beds, 8 operation theathers, 22 ICU beds, 2 Interventional Angio Labs, Highest hepa filtration in Turkey, JCI Accreditation

Surgery Istanbul Cosmetic Surgery is a boutique cosmetic surgery company, providing the highest quality cosmetic surgery at affordable fixed pricing, using the best Hospital & Elite Surgeons in Istanbul.

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