Maria Feldman

“I highly recommend Surgery istanbul, their staff and Doctor Ümran, are the best.”

I had breast reduction and re-shaping, liposuction in my arms and abdominal area. I also removed an old scar while I had the opportunity. It was very nerve racking at first, but once I met Dr Ümran I was relieved. In the past I’ve gone through a painful and failed liposuction procedure, but once we talked with the specialist- I felt huge relief.

Dr Ümran was honest about everything and said “…trust me you won’t feel a thing!” and I didn’t. I stayed a week in Istanbul and I continued with my check-ups in the meantime. I was moving normal and going out with my family, barely feeling any pain or discomfort.

The staffs are very nice and friendly; and Zafer was very fast in responding and he was there for at us at any time. I will come back later to continue my liposuction in other areas. I highly recommend Surgery istanbul, their staff and Doctor Ümran, he is the best.



“I can only highly recommend this clinic and have done to a number of people who are thinking about cosmetic surgery”

I was in the market to have some cosmetic surgery and as everyone does I did my research. I looked at a number of clinics and after reading reviews and looking at the surgeon’s credentials I decided to have my slim lipo at Surgery Istanbul.

Zafer and Bahar really do take away any worry you may have about going through with any kind of cosmetic surgery, the service is first class and all the staff really cannot do enough to please you.

The hospital was very clean with professional staff and the surgeon gives you professional and realistic answers to your questions about the procedure and the outcome. I never at one stage felt that I was in anything but a European hospital.


Roula Sabe 

    “Thanks for everything. I’m very happy with the result. “

I’d like to thank all those who help me in successfully undergoing my breast operation with surgery Istanbul in Liv hospital. I want to thank the doctors, nurses, the team who were responsible and handled everything like from my accommodation in luxury villa, delicious food and transporting ,all of these are free and a good reception- special thanks to Bahar hanim.


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