Buttock augmentation or lift procedure
Many women suffer from the issues of listing backside with free, heavy skin because of ageing, hereditary factors, and weight reduction. Such buttock lackings call for “Buttock lift” or buttock augmentation, a plastic surgery procedure that is undertaken to give a desirable shape to women buttocks.

Buttock Lift / augmentation

A buttock lift or segmentation is surgically known an excisional back lipectomy. The procedure uproots overabundant fat and loose skin in the buttocks. It also tones the muscle, and lift the buttocks back to perfect natural shape. The successful application of procedure makes the posterior seem less dimpled, droopy, or wrinkled.

Effects of Buttock Lift

Scarring is an imminent effect that will blur after some time. It is important to note that buttock lift would never free of scars. Sometimes, a buttock lift is performed in conjunction with a thigh lift, liposuction, or tummy tuck for a more wholesome change. In such a case, the effects of a buttock lift can manifest for quite a long time, therefore work out and sensible eating to keep up desirable post operative buttock shape.

Who is candidate for a buttock cheek lift?

In case all your efforts like workout and diet plans have failed to yield any results, a buttock lift is an ideal option for you.
Following Women can opt for buttock lift procedure:

  • Women with reduced skin flexibility in the buttock and posterior region because of massive weight reduction or ageing
  • Women with thighs that are dimpled, crinkled or out of shape due to absence of cellulite or physical activity
  • Non-smokers
  • Women who have a career standpoint with an inspirational need and practical professional requirement for what buttock lift surgery can make a difference
  • Women focused on a solid way of life that includes balanced nourishment and wellness plans to go after the surgical procedure

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