How is Plastic Surgery with Closed (Scar-Free) Rhinoplasty Performed?

Nose jobs that men and women get done to have a better nose may vary depending on techniques applied during plastic surgeries. Nose surgeries mainly consist of two surgical procedures including open and closed rhinoplasty. These surgeries that may vary depending on the nasal structure play an important role in solution of nose related health problems.

Closed (scar-free) rhinoplasty, unlike open procedures, is performed through techniques entirely applied to the inside of a nose. Closed rhinoplasty technique is preferred when an extensive correction will not be performed on the nasal tip or when only the arch of the nose will be removed.

The procedure time of a closed rhinoplasty is shorter when compared to open rhinoplasty operations, and the likelihood of people’s suffering from swelling, and bruising on the nose after plastic surgery is lower. Closed (scar-free) rhinoplasty that does not bear any scar when looked from outside requires more experience so it should be performed by a specialist. In this method, plastic surgery is completed by making an incision inside the nose. As surgeons perform closed rhinoplasty by not completely but partly seeing inside the nose, they need to do this operation by feeling the tissues.

Patients having a problem with their nasal tip should prefer open rhinoplasty instead of closed rhinoplasty and patients who are going to have full nose jobs should explain their expectations from the plastic surgery to Surgery Istanbul specialists correctly. Whether open or closed rhinoplasty would be better suited to your appearance and health can be determined best by a Surgery Istanbul specialist.


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