Microcannula Vaser Liposuction

Cannula is very important for you to get the best results in the liposuction operations. 3-4 mm cannula is preferred for the existing liposuction operations. We use microcannula method in our central hospital. Microcannula method selectively carries out dissolution of the fat tissues with ultrasonographic waves through Vaser technology.

Micro cannula is called a cannula with 1 and 2 mm diameter. It enables detailed operation on the fatty regions due to the fact that it has 1-2 mm diameter and minimizes the occurrence of irregularity and does not harm the sections under the skin for it does not pass under the skin.

Why does micro cannula Vaser Liposuction is the best

1. It minimizes the probability of irregularity in the skin The probability of irregularity over the skin after the micro cannula vaser liposuction operation is fewer than all other liposuction methods. The operation is completed without harming under skin due to the fact that the detailed operation is made in the fatty region in the skin with this method.

The problems such as skin collapse and cellulite are decreased after the Microcannula Vaser Liposuction. Furthermore, it is not guaranteed that these formations would completely be removed after the Microcannula Vaser Liposuction. It is unreasonable to think that a fully smooth skin would reveal. We can say that your skin would be smoother after the operation but this doesn’t happen fully.

Laypersons do not understand that you have undergone a liposuction on your skin after the micro cannula Vaser Liposuction operation. There may be thin wrinkles in the regions such as hypochondrium for the elder patients on the skin, which imposed to sun rays as the age goes along.

2. Patient health safety Due to the fact that only local anesthetic is applied on the micro cannula Vaser Liposuction, patients do not face with the negatives circumstances as done in the general anesthesia.

3. Visible decrease in swelling and purple spots after the operation Patients usually complain about swelling and purple spots after the known liposuction method. Micro cannula Vaser liposuction method causes considerably low bleeding under the skin. For the sizes of the cannula is at micro level, their entrance levels are at micro level, as well and no need to stitch up after the operation.  For that reason, the liquid under the skin outflows and purple spots and swelling do not appear.

4. Having rapid results after the operation The dimension of the cannula used in the micro cannula vaser liposuction is 1*2 mm. By this way, it is possible to operate in more detail and take out fat from more spots. By this means, we can get more successful results than the other liposuction methods.

5. Rapid recovery after the operation Patients are discharged from the hospital on the same day of the operation since there is only a local anesthesia and low bleeding in the Micro cannula Vaser Liposuction. The patients continue their life in the following day and use cars and do light exercises. The patient can do exercises fully within 4 days after the operation and start their desk jobs within 48 hours.

6.  No scars at the cannula entrance.

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