Why work with Surgery İstanbul

Surgery İstanbul is a medical tourism agency that aims excellence in the medical and non-medical services it provides to international patients.

• Excellence in medical and non-medical services

• Highly qualified doctors State-of-the-art medical technology

• Best practices and recognised treatments

• Patient advocacy, safety and well-being

• Value based services for affordable prices

• Services based on transparency and trust

Our primary concern is our patients’ health and well-being before, during and after the treatment. We will use our experience and insight to ensure the whole process is carried out smoothly under outstanding conditions and to the full satisfaction of our patients.

Our in-house medical doctor and patient coordinator will work together with you in evaluating your needs to ensure a satisfying medical travel.

• Our top priority is patient safety, pre-operative, post-discharge, and follow-up care. We are fully aware that our success depends on following all industry standards.

• We act as patient advocates. As a third party between the service provider and patient, we act on the behalf of the patient. Medical tourism is all about your experience. The goal is to make sure that each and every patient is happy about the treatment and services, and returns to his/her country satisfied and happy- whilst enjoying being in a holiday destination.

• We act as facilitators in the literal sense of the word. We make sure that every step of the journey flows smoothly and that you do not have to think about anything.

• Surgery Istanbul will help you with travel arrangements to treatment plans; from your doctors appointments to desired city tour organisations, it is our responsibility to ensure that you have nothing to worry about.

• The medical evaluation of the patient and follow-up of procedures will be made by a specialised medical doctor. The medical consultant in charge will be in touch with the doctor who will perform the surgery or treatment as well as the doctor at home, if requested by the patient. He/she will also translate all medical information into simple language so that the patient has thorough knowledge of your condition.

• We have first-hand knowledge about the doctors, health care providers and the medical system of the country. We do research for you, from knowing which doctor is best experienced and in which procedure.

• In addition, we have insight about the clinics and hospitals, we also know what kind of equipment they use and success rates. Most important, we do what cannot be done from a distance; visit the clinics & hospitals regularly.

• The medical information and evaluation we share with the patient is correctly communicated that leaves no room for an error. While patient coordinators are responsible for coordinating all steps of the travel, medical consultants are experienced medical doctors who are concerned with nothing but the health and well-being of the patient.

• We will be here when you needs us. Our patients can contact us at all times and not only for medical issues- but general enquiries too!


– All transfers for the duration of your stay in Istanbul (transfers are made between the airport, apartment, consultations and hospital)

– Accommodation in our luxury patient villa inclusive of meals

– Consultation with your surgeon prior to your operation

– Your Surgery and all medication fees

– All Post-Operative Treatments (up to two visits to the surgeon)

You will be happy to know that there are no extra costs or charges. The price shown is the only expense you will have to cover, this includes the surgery procedure and luxury stay in Istanbul.