How is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Nose operations can be performed to achieve visual beauty or to solve health problems such as having trouble breathing through the nose; helping you with the appearance of nose curvatures that you are uncomfortable with, your breathing problems, nasal concha and the outward appearance you do not like. Performed with different methods and techniques for your different problems, you can have a natural nose and get rid of the deformities you do not like on your nose with rhinoplasty,

Rhinoplasty among nose surgeries has been greatly preferred by men and women recently to have a nice and pretty nose.  Through open or closed rhinoplasty, you can get rid of the bone structure you don’t like in your nose; you can eliminate high or low appearance on your nasal tip with a nose tip surgery;  and can get wide nostrils narrowed. While open rhinoplasty is usually preferred to raise the nose tip, closed rhinoplasty is usually performed to give an aesthetic shape to the nose arch.

You can reduce your nose structure, upturn your downturned nose or shorten your long nose with a rhinoplasty operation. Through a deviation procedure, you can get rid of your tilted nose and have a nose which is more proportionate and compatible with your face. Even in surgeries where you don’t want to use tamps, you can undergo surgery without tamps and have pain-free days after the operation.

Rhinoplasty with multiple methods will be performed by Surgery Istanbul specialists in a way to meet your desires and needs.


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