Buttocks Aesthetics

Buttocks Aesthetics (Buttocks augmentation)
Buttocks the preference, taking place as a must for a perfect and feminine body contour for women. All women share the common desire to achieve plump, round and clothes filling-in buttocks. Nowadays, it is not only women, but also men with small and misshaped buttocks who want to get the achieve the masculine look.

Buttock aesthetic surgery nowadays contains of either increasing or re-contouring the gluteal region (buttock muscle) by one of the following three methods:

liposuction (if only reductive modeling is necessary), liposuction and augmentation by micro fat grafting or putting gluteal (silicone) implants. These three modalities can be used in combination to achieve the preferred outcome and can also include fixation, lifting, and skin resection, much the same way as for breast aesthetic surgery.

Buttocks aesthetic surgery is the fastest growing subdivisions of plastic surgery today. The buttock zone has received very much mass media attention in recent years, which has improved patient demand for buttock contouring and augmentation. In addition, the growing fame of bariatric procedures and massive weight loss programs has increased the demand for body and buttock contouring treatments. Therefore, any debate about cosmetic surgery in the ethnic people is not complete without an in-depth look at buttock aesthetic techniques.

All transfers while in Istanbul between the airport, apartment, consultations and hospital
4 nights accommodation consisting of a 1 bedroom apartment in a luxury complex with access to swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and walking areas
Full consultation with your surgeon/dentist the day prior to the operation
Pre-Operative Blood Tests
Full Examination
Your Surgery
All Medication
An Overnight Stay in the Hospital (if required/where necessary)
All Post-Operative Treatments (up to two visits to the surgeon)
Dressings & Surgical Wear (where necessary)
Most multiple procedure packages can be arranged on request, please contact us for a personalised quotation.

There are no extra charges the price shown is the price you will pay for your surgery guaranteed. cosmetic surgery istanbul


Buttocks Aesthetics

Will I have to stay overnight at the hospital?
Included in your package is 1 overnight stay at the hospital. Although we recommend that you do stay at the hospital for observations, you will be free to discharge yourself as soon as you feel fit.

Can I bring somebody with along with me?
It is advisable that you bring somebody along with you to in order to assist you during your recovery. Your accommodation will sleep 4 (2 sharing a bed and 2 sharing a sofa bed) and you will be given a duplex room at the hospital to sleep your guest. If it arises that you are unable to bring somebody along with you, a member of staff will be appointed to periodically check in on you and assist you where needed.

Will I have any scarring?
Post-surgical arm and thigh lift scars are unavoidable. The surgeon will do his utmost to ensure that your incision is as discreet as possible and that scarring is kept to a minimum. As with most scars, they are likely to fade with time and become less noticeable. Post arm and thigh lift scars should be discussed In more detail during your consultation with your surgeon.

When will I be able to return home?
As recommended by our surgeon, our package will include 4 nights accommodation, in most cases this will be sufficient recovery time for it to be safe and comfortable for you to return home. Should you not deem yourself ready to return, Surgery İstanbul Cosmetic will be happy to arrange further accommodation at an extra cost, any change of flights will need to be arranged by you.

Will I see the surgeon before I return home?
You will be seen by the surgeon at least once before your return home, usually twice. In some cases it may be necessary to have drains removed. These will be in place in order to reduce swelling and make your return home more comfortable.

When can I return to work?
Most patients can return to desk or office work 2-3 weeks after surgery, however it really does depend on the individual and type of work. You should avoid heavy lifting and exercise for 6-8 weeks and refrain from driving for 2 weeks.

Can I contact you after I have returned home?
Surgery İstanbul Cosmetic will be always be available for your help and advice even after your return home. We are in constant contact with our surgeons and will be happy to contact them with your queries on your behalf. Should you wish to return for a follow up appointment we will be happy to arrange this for you. If agreed we will periodically contact you after you have returned home in order to check the progress of your recovery.

Will I need insurance?
Whilst your are in the care of the hospital you will be covered by their own insurance as well as the surgeon’s, however it is recommended that you take out further relevant travel insurance and advise them the nature of your trip.


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